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Game Review: Week 4 vs. San Antonio

Well, the Iron are no longer undefeated.

They lost 12-11 to the San Antonio Commanders and move to 3-1 on the season. It was a disappointing loss and there is quite a bit to unpack from it.

I’ll start with the defense because they actually had a really good game. They opened up with a bit of a shaky drive, resulting in a Commander field goal, but from then on out they looked like the Iron Curtain that we have grown to love. For the most part they were able to shutdown Logan Woodside through the air and the Commanders had to turn to their running back to put in some work.

Kenneth Farrow, the Commanders starting running back, was able to put up monster yards today with 142 but we were able to hold him out of the end zone. I was especially proud of our defense when we are able to hold him out from the one yard line on 6 attempts after a pass interference call did not go our way. “Bend but don’t break” has been the defense’s motto all season and that is what was able to keep us in the game for so long.


The offense was not as enjoyable to watch as the defense. It was made quite obvious that our offense just is not that good in this game as we really could get nothing going for us until the end of the game. It should of course be taken into consideration that we lost many offensive linemen to injury, which resulted in Luis Perez not having much time to throw the ball. The two plays that really killed us were the interception by Perez in the third quarter and the fumble by Brandon Ross in the fourth quarter. In a close game like this one, turnovers are the real killers and in the end they are what lost us this game.

Despite how bad the offense was, there were two player who stood out to me as players we need to see more of moving forward. The first one is Brandon Ross. Even though he did have the fumble that resulted in a field goal, he was still really good throughout the game. He had some explosive runs and was able to pick up more yards than Trent Richardson has every really been able to. I would like to see more touches given to Ross and see Richardson’s role become solely a power back for short yardage.

The other offensive player I was impressed with was Wes Saxton, our tight end. He managed to get 54 yards on three receptions and was the one guy who I felt comfortable with getting the ball and not dropping it. We have not seen much use of the tight ends this year in the passing game and I would like to see the ball going to Saxton more moving forward.


Next weeks matchup is not quite as exciting since it will not be the battle of the undefeated teams, but it should still be good nonetheless. The Orlando offense will be the biggest test that our defense has faced all season and will be exciting to see how well they can contain them. Our offense will really need to get better if we want to have any kind of success this season, because if they play the same way that they did this week, it will be a long and bad game.

It is always disappointing to lose, especially against a team that we could have beaten, but it happened and now all we can do it forge on to the next game.

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