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Week 4 Preview: San Antonio Commanders

Heading into week four of the AAF, the Birmingham Iron are still riding high after beating the Atlanta Legends and improve their record to 3-0. This week we are coming back to Legion Field to take on the 1-2 San Antonio Commanders who took a beating at the hands of the San Diego Fleet. The Iron will be looking to improve their perfect record to 4-0, while the Commanders will be trying to solve some of the issues with their team.

Commanders Strengths:

Trey Williams really proved why he should be getting more touches this week. He rushed for 75 yards on just seven attempts despite just coming into the game in the second half. This was actually the first game that he was even able to get into. They have used many different running backs thus far and for some reason never used Williams before this point. Kenneth Farrow has gotten the majority of the touches and he really struggled in their last game. If Trey Williams is not able to get more touches this week then there is a real problem with coach Mike Riley.

One of the things that bothered the Commanders fans through the first two weeks was the constant switching of quarterbacks after every two drives. It gave neither Logan Woodside or Marquise Williams a chance to get into any real rhythm. In week three, Woodside was used for almost the entire game and struggled while under pressure. Williams could be a real key player for the Commanders against the Iron defense to try and gain some yardage through option plays. Combining Trey and Marquise could be an effective way for them to change things up on drives and break through the Iron defense.

(Soobum Im/USA TODAY Sports)

Commanders Weaknesses:

The Commanders really struggled with containing the running game of the Fleet last week. Their defense allowed a total of 202 yards, including an 83 yard rush from Ja’Quan Gardner. Trent Richardson has not been a big yard gainer for the Iron yet this year, but if we get some more touches going to Ladarius Perkins then maybe we will see a huge game on the ground. If we are going to get our rushing game going somewhere other than the redzone, then this would be the week to do it.

Mike Riley confirmed that Logan Woodside will be be getting the start for the Commanders on Sunday and this should be exciting for the Iron defense. Woodside is not a bad quarterback, but he really struggled while under pressure against the Fleet last week and the Iron have been fantastic at rushing the quarterback so far this year. If we can rack up the sacks and force Woodside into throwing interceptions, then we should be able to really limit their offense.

(Ronald Cortes/AAF/Getty Images)

Keys to the Game:

The Iron need to make sure that they are ready to play on Sunday because this is a better team than they played last week. The Iron receivers need to start making more catches when we need them most because their level of inconsistency may have have been acceptable against some of the weaker teams in the league, but it will not work all year. Luis Perez needs to just continue what he has been doing and hope that the receivers can begin to pick up the slack.

The game will come down to whoever’s defense is able to shut down their opposition the best. I am expecting a fairly low scoring game and I believe that our defense will have minimal problems handling the Commanders offense, leading us to a victory and keeping our unbeaten streak alive.

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