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Game Review: Week 3 vs. Atlanta

Heading into week 3 of the AAF season, hopes were high for the Iron to move to 3-0 since they would be facing the winless Atlanta Legends. The Iron Legion would not be disappointed as they won with a commanding victory of 28-12.

The defense, the Iron Curtain, was absolutely fantastic in today’s game, as they have been all season. They forced multiple turnovers, rushed the quarterback into throwing the ball away or getting sacked, and they were very effective when pushed up against their own goal line. Jamar Summers has been the best player on our defense in my opinion and he continued to put on a show today. Whatever heights we do achieve this season, it will be because of the Iron Curtain.


Meanwhile on the offensive side of the ball, it seemed like it was two different teams in the first and second halves. In the first half we really struggled to control the ball and the receivers could not hold onto any pass, even if it hit them straight in the chest. It was frustrating to see Luis Perez throwing darts just for them to turn into drops.

When the second half started, things shifted greatly for us. Perez began to throw the ball to a new target in L’Damian Washington and he was actually coming down with the ball. Trent Richardson was able to get going and was able to start rushing for more than a few yards per carry. Richardson also put up three more touchdowns to an already impressive start to the season and is leading the league in rushing touchdowns with six. I was really hoping to see Perez throw his first touchdown on the year, but as long as we are winning I can wait for it.

(Brett Davis/USA TODAY Sports)

Our 3-0 record is looking really great and it keeps us on pace with the Orlando Apollo, but our toughest challenges are yet to come. The first three games of the season were against probably the three worst teams in the league and will face possibly the next worse next week against the San Antonio Commanders. I do not want to take away from this impressive start because it is really awesome, but we need to stay focused for our games against the Apollo and the Hotshots.

If the Iron Curtain continues to play like this and our offence can step up just a little bit, I believe that the sky is the limit for this team. Let’s hope we can continue our unbeaten streak into next week when we face the Commanders at home on Saturday at 4 P.M. EST. I am already excited for the game so let’s try to #ForgeOn until then!

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