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Does the Iron have enough to win it all?

After starting off the season 3-0, with two wins coming handedly and one come-back win against the Stallions, the thoughts of the first ever AAF championship coming to the Magic City are starting to form. This is still a 10-game season, so this is definitely a premature idea, but things are looking bright for the Iron.

First though, let’s look at what lies ahead and where the Iron stands today. Birmingham still has two games against Steve Spurrier’s Apollos, the only other undefeated team in the AAF, and arguably the best team in the league. The old ball coach has his offense running like a machine and a defense that has proven to be stout at times. The Iron still also have long distance trips to Arizona and San Diego on the schedule which will prove as serious tests.


Birmingham also still has some glaring flaws. The offense is starting to get somewhat predictable; drive the ball down the field mostly relying on the arm of the best quarterback in the league, Luis Perez, then allowing Trent Richardson to bulldoze his way into the endzone. It is decently effective, until a dropped pass comes into play, or our running game falls flat at the line of scrimmage once again. The offensive line also has major difficulty setting holes for our running backs to hit. Even in Trent’s six rushing touchdowns on the season, he’s usually met with contact right at the line of scrimmage and has to use his brute strength to power forward. In order to win it all, the running game has a way to develop.

There are some huge key parts in the Iron’s game that are unmatched in the AAF. Luis Perez has proven to be a real threat as a quarterback, completing beautiful passes and making incredible reads that have drawn attention from several NFL teams. The pass defense is also the star of the Iron Curtain, standing as a major obstacle for any team to overcome. The Iron’s defense is also a turnover factory, forcing seven turnovers in only three games. Ball hawks are constantly circling around the field looking for their chance to swoop in on their prey once again.


The Iron has two more games against the Express and Legends who seem to have yet to fully identify themselves as football teams. With two of the worst quarterbacks in the league, Matt Sims and Christian Sackenberg, the Iron should be big favorites in those two rematches. So, do the Iron have enough to hoist the inaugural AAF Championship in Las Vegas in nine weeks? Hell yes they do. #ForgeOn

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