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Injury Update: Jacob Hagen

In yesterdays Iron victory, there was a fake punt that went directly to Jacob Hagen. He tried to rush ahead for the first down, but was stopped at the line of scrimmage and the Iron turned the ball over on downs. More importantly than that, however, is that Hagen suffered a very serious injury which left everyone on the field visibly shaken.

We have had more updates today on the injury and we are learning that Hagen will be done for the season with an ankle injury. These types of injuries happen more often than we would like to see, since football is a physical and dangerous sport, but there was something different about this one.


As Hagen was getting put up onto the cart, the Iron bench cleared and every single one of Hagen’s teammates showed their support and delivered their own personal messages to him. This seems to be a rare occurrence in football; to see every single player on the field show their support goes to show just how close this group of men have become since coming together for the first time. These men are all fighting for the same goal, to go to the NFL, and it is really great to see them support each other instead of competing with their own teammates.

Moving forward, I hope that we can continue to see the players befriend each other and support each other on their road to the NFL. It is fantastic that the AAF is producing quality football, but even better that they also recruited quality human beings.



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