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The #ForgeOn Movement

It has caught on like wildfire. I recall seeing those all too familiar social media posts containing voting ballots for Birmingham’s battle cry. As the season opener approached, #ForgeOn emerged and would be attached to almost all posts regarding the new Birmingham Iron football team. I must admit, it took a few days for it to grow on me but the closer we got to game day, the more I began being the hashtag user. It is already as much a staple for the Iron as “War Eagle” is to Auburn and “Roll Tide” is to Alabama.

What does “Forge On” mean? I’m glad you asked. According to

to form by heating and hammering; beat into shape. to form or make.


Now, I’m old school but “hammering” and “beat into shape” are always great phrases to use when I’m talking football. Especially when talking about my hometown team. As the season opener last week progressed, the battle cry began to get louder and more wide-spread each time the stadium announcer would proclaim FIRST DOWN IRON! By mid 4th quarter, I found myself waiting to hear it as soon as the call was made. As the stadium clock hit :00 and the Iron had won their inaugural AAF game, I couldn’t tell you how many times I would hear “Forge On” as I exited the stadium. I will also tell you each time I heard it, the better it sounded.

Football and battle cries have a way of bringing people together. People you would never imagine coming together. You don’t believe me? Then consider all the Auburn and Alabama fans that the Birmingham Iron have bought together. All those mixed fans together, inside the stadium, where their teams had gone head to head in legendary games in years past. But today, they stand in unison. Today, they are giving high fives. And today, each time they hear “FIRST DOWN IRON”, in one voice and with one thrust of the right arm, the IRON FAMILY proclaims…FORGE ON!!!!!!


As I write this article, many are preparing their attire for the second game of the season tomorrow against Salt Lake. Also as I write this article, I can say with assurance that I am almost as eager to see and hear our fans as I am the game itself. Why is this? Because while I cannot guarantee the outcome of the game, I can guarantee that we will witness a couple of Birmingham Iron traditions continue to unveil themselves. We will witness the waving of the black “Iron Rags” tomorrow in those hyped up moments. Second, I believe we will hear more loudly and more frequently, that battle cry echo inside Legion Field. That battle cry that brings the Iron City together. That battle cry that only our family truly knows the meaning. That battle cry the Iron family knows as… #ForgeOn

Let’s go get win #2 !!!!!!!!

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