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Game Review: Week 2 vs. Salt Lake

When coach Lewis was drawing up the game plan for this week, I would be willing to bet that this is not the way he wanted things to play out. He would of course be happy with the result, but he would be and most likely is disappointed with the way the Iron played in their 12-9 victory over the Salt Lake Stallions.

This game was won by the defense, without a doubt. The only touchdown that the Iron Curtain gave up was after a failed fake punt, which pinned them back deep in their own end of the field. Austin Allen, quarterback of the Stallions, did not look like he belonged on the field with our defense today, as we pressured him into throwing many bad balls.


All of the credit cannot go to the Iron Curtain, because a large amount of the credit deserves to go to Taylor Bertolet, the Stallions kicker. He went ¼ on field goals today and missed the potential game tying kick with just around a minute left. Every Iron fan is thankful for his contributions towards our win today.

Despite, how little was contributed on offence, I still feel the need to say a few words about it. Luis Perez looked just as good as he did in his first game for the Iron, but the drops from his receivers continued in this game which severely hurts his stats. His receivers need to get better at catching the ball moving forward, as even his favorite receiver in Patton dropped some balls. Trent Richardson was not a flashy player on the ground today, but he got the job done for the most part and did pretty well through the air. The Stallions have a very good defensive line and I expect that if he keeps up this level of play, he will be great next week.


As happy as I am about getting the win and starting the season off 2-0, it is important that we keep Jacob Hagen in our prayers tonight as he suffered a gruesome looking injury to his leg. It is something that you never want to see and I wish him a speedy recovery.

Now that this week is done and we can stop stressing about how close that game was, we can begin to focus on the Atlanta Legends who will be looking to get into the win column on Sunday.

This season has just begun, but it is already beginning to feel like a playoff atmosphere on Twitter and I hope that we can continue this sort of hype throughout the entire season.


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