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Injury Update: Heading into Week Two

After a very successful week one, people have been feeling optimistic heading into our match on Saturday against Salt Lake City. Unfortunately, we are running into some early season injury problems and with some of our very key players.

Here is the list of players who were injured in the last game or sometime in practice during the week:

Furthermore, Braedon Bowman, tight end, is being placed on the IR and the team is hoping that he will be able to be activated before the end of the season.

These injuries could be significant if any of them end up being for a long period of time. Richardson and Patton were very significant players for the team in their week one game against Memphis. The following tweet shows just how important they were:

It will be interesting to see how they will be utilized or if they will play at all. We should probably be expecting a big game from Ladarius Perkins as he will lining up in the backfield more.

Let’s hope that all is well with our injured players, but if they are not able to play then we will have to just #ForgeOn.


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