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Calling All Iron Fans

As we enter week 2 of this inaugural AAF football season, there is an excitement among the fans in the eight cities who host teams. Although all eight cities have a tremendous fan base, there is just something different about football in the Iron City of Birmingham. The passion and enthusiasm of this fan base is unlike any other. You “showed up” and “showed out”, inside Legion Field, for week one’s matchup and victory against the Memphis Express. It was not only noticed but addressed by players and Coach Lewis himself. However, week 2 brings another challenge for our Hometown Heroes against the Salt Lake Stallions. The players and fans alike will be expected to take it to another level.

In saying that, I am issuing a personal challenge to each of you. I am a lifelong Pittsburgh Steelers fan and that franchise has connections to our Birmingham Iron that needs no explanation. In saying that, there is nothing in sports that I love seeing more than those “Terrible Towels” waving on Sunday’s. As I sat in Legion Field last Sunday, I imagined what that would look like during our games in conjunction with the sound of that 600 pound anvil being hammered on! So, my challenge to each of you is to bring your black towels to games beginning Saturday, 2/16/19, against Salt Lake. Wave them with pride as we continue to build a home field advantage and an environment for our Birmingham Iron to feed off of. I know you’re up to the challenge. Let’s wave them early and often inside the “Old Gray Lady” this weekend and give not only our players something to talk about afterward, but also the Salt Lake Stallions players and fans. Be early! Be noticed! And be loud!



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